Mike Chapa

Pastor/Teaching Elder
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Mike and Tonya have been married for 29 years and have six children (two married) and two+ grandchildren.  Mike is a retired USAF Lt Col fighter/test pilot, former Assistant Professor of Aeronautical Engineering at the USAF Academy, and previous Executive Director of Christian Home Educators of Colorado.

Scott Allen

Ruling Elder
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Scott is a retired US Navy officer, married with 4 children, celebrating 25 yrs of marriage this year.  He was a deacon in the OPC before coming to Emmanuel.  Scott is in sales with an automation and control company.

Gerald Stanton

Ruling Elder
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Gerald is a software developer who is married w/nine children (one married).  This is his second time serving as an elder at a Presbyterian church.

George Young

Ruling Elder
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George is a semi-retired software developer who is married w/5 children.

Russel Lundy

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Russel is in the USAF as a security forces member and is married with nine children.  He previously served as a deacon in the PCA.

Joel Stanton

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Joel has lived in Colorado since 2013.  He currently works in the mortgage industry and is also pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree from Whitefield College, with the long-term goal of going to seminary and entering pastoral ministry. He, and his wife Molleigh, live in the Denver Metro area and have been married for 3 years. Joel has been a member of Presbyterian and Reformed churches for 12 years.